Helpdesk Management

Helpdesk Management

Is your support organization’s practices and processes operating in the most efficient and effective way? Is it usually the person with the loudest voice that gets the best service?Is pro-active work impossible because you are experiencing a growing backlog and never seem able to catch up?

Then perhaps your support organization could use a little help from us allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies, while your employees or customers enjoy a pleasantly satisfying and tuned help desk experience.

Do you need to implement effective procedures and methods? Are you seeking a ticketing system that fits your business model?  Maybe you are wondering what a help desk should take on besides solving general tickets created by your employees. Or maybe you are just starting to define your support needs and want expert help defining your business and customer needs.

Challenges we can help you with:

  • Setup of adequate and personalized communication with end users and management.
  • Implementation of consistent and efficient service management resulting in increased productivity.
  • Centralised incident resolution, request management and reporting.
  • We can manage installations and maintenance of your PC environment.
  • Trap recurring errors and resolve them pro-actively.
  • Standardised end-user computing environments. (For stability, cost effectiveness and availability.)
  • Reduce resource overheads by implementing productivity tools (remote control, automated backups, automated logging, automated updates etc.)

We help define and implement customer support and maintenance as a part of your operational team, as a liaison, or extra reinforcement for short and long durations. This service encompasses:

  • Organisation of desk side support to cover all fields of general IT maintenance and problem solving.
  • Defining and implementing a ticket system that allows tracking of incoming and resolved tickets (Web Based or Client Based.)

A balanced implementation between IT needs and employees’ willingness to use this system is crucial. We make the customer part of the solutions, always! This helps build a proper partnership with the end user and offers them a feeling of being included as an important part of the process, which they are.  A healthy partnership is created that will include IT later on in the early stages of defining new technologies and business needs.

  • Implementation of SPOC systems for end users coordinated and distributed by a team leader.
  • Setup of regular reporting to direct management.
  • Enhancement of helpdesk services implementing core maintenance tasks and updates.
  • Tracking technicians and troubled areas.
  • Checking technician accountability.
  • Documenting solutions for more complex issues as a future reference in a searchable knowledge base.
  • Automating repetitive tasks via logon scripting (Virus updates, application updates, asset registration on startup, registration of specific system information (live status controls) …
  • Defining and implementing Server and Workstation maintenance structures and procedures.
  • Tuning processes for regular and critical systems.
  • Automating disaster recovery processes and tools saving time on installations and recovery.
  • Defining installations for new hardware or replacements. (Standard compliance, default configurations etc…)
  • Defining stock for spare parts to immediately assist breakdowns, unless covered by adequate support contracts.
  • Defining sustainable and redundant backup plans for all major roles of the help desk.

What we do on long term assignments:

  • Full Coordination of the support desk services while optimizing and documenting processes and solutions.
  • Develop scripts for automating tasks “on the go” and free up resources for other projects at hand.
  • Actively work as team members with your local IT support staff. We integrate and fit in as if we were regular employees at your premises.

The choice of any software solutions presented is based on budget, support processes and general requirements, not on the size of your company! Any of our web based solution or client solution can fit small, medium and enterprise environments as we with correctly evaluate the solution selected against your business processes and not the other way around!

Your solution also needs to be future proof and flexible to allow for any possible changes over time, not to mention being well supported to. In many cases proprietary applications are not needed, but instead will be custom built for your business in KIXTART or VBS. It will be tuned to run on Windows OS using RUN options, startup and shutdown scripts or services like AutoexNT.  Change management for these solutions are included.