We implement intelligent and self sustainable methods that allow central configuration of workstations that pick up any updates upon startup when connected to your network. Seamless systems update Windows OS with critical patches, component updates like Flash, Adobe Reader, Anti Virus without the use expensive solutions. The sky is the limit!

This system is implemented on the clients who connect to the master repository (regular share on a server) and will not only check for applying updates on the system to become compliant, but also log the status of all components and important system information currently defined.

  • Free up resources by removing repetitive tasks and automate day to day control.
  • Live Status Overview
    See at a glance the status of all computers at their last status check (all systems active report within a 24 hour regular interval)
  • Update components in either startup, scheduled or background mode.
  • Easily define weak spots in security and updates for targeted action.
  • Make statistics readily available for presenting data to management.

Benefits of automation

  • Enable checking of hard drive status to alert engineers of disks running full on clients and servers.
  • Allow overview to check system compliance on security, AV and system components.
  • The modular setup with enabling/ disabling function can easily be extended to just about any requirement.
  • Complete solutions are based on KIXTART or VBS so the only major resource cost will be implementation.
  • Allows exclusion based on PC name, OS and more…
  • Register key users of all machines using the logon name of the PC… Asset management!
  • Register IP settings (DHCP, Fixed) and specific configurations on the client!
  • Check password strengths, screensaver security and more… All in one solution!

We provide scripting solutions to level out a wide range of computer systems and align them to a defined standard! We are experienced in maintaining a high number of systems with minimal effort through automation. Solutions are fully documented on paper, How To and Visio presentations are also available so your staff can understand it works and how it is updated. Once completed, the maintenance of this script can be maintained by local support staff. Training can be given on this solution after the implementation.

Refresh, Roll-outs, Migrations

Whether you are migrating to new technologies, refreshing servers and workstations or replacing a solution with one that better fits your needs and business, we can help.

We have expertise in defining a process and planning for rollouts and migrations up to the development of installation images.  All customer based solutions are created on tools available from Microsoft, workstations are automatically installed with little effort and preset to a standard configurations. Such images created include all configurations, patch maintenance, virus definitions and standard applications.

An aftercare program will take care of intermediate updates and tuning user specific settings if necessary. After completion staff can be trained to continue the maintenance on their own allowing your company to be independent of, but still supported by HumanIT. We provide:

  • Implementation of a standard installation image tailored to your business.
  • Intermediate update system and aftercare.
  • A “standard” in computing for your business. (Compliance and standards are important parts of being in control.)
  • Coordination and help executing migrations at an expected ratio/day.  (Technical aspect only – requires a project manager or internal to be responsible for planning with end users)